Polish Change on Hands

You will get your nails professionally shaped and freshly polished, with natural polish.


$17 - 30 minutes

Gel Manicure

Your nails will be filed professionally and a long lasting gel color will be applied. You will get a manicure lasting two or more weeks. Color that stays with you until your next visit. (Length will not be added with this service)

$41 - 1 hour 15 minutes

Traditional Gel Full Set

If you are looking to have your nails longer than they are, and the end result looking natural, this is the service for you. Nail tips will be added and traditional gel will be applied. You can leace with a French manicure or gel color added to keep your favorite color until your next visit.

$67 - 1 hour 30 minutes

Gel Color Added

You will receive OPI Gel Color over your traditional gel service. This service will give you strength, while giving you long lasting color.

$11 - 5 minutes

Regular Pedicure

Soak in a comfortable pedicure chair. Get your toe nails trimmed and filed and your cuticles professionally groomed. Exfoliation and relaxing massage, followed by flawless polish.

$54 - 1 hour

Gel Toe Cure

You will get your feet soaked in a spa chair, your toenails will be trimmed and filed, finally your cuticles will be groomed professionally. All of this, and your toes will end with a gel polish that will last until your next visi.

$47 - 1 hour

Acrylic Balance

$46 - 1 hour 30 minutes

Polish Change on Toes

You will soak in the chair and have your toe nails professionally shaped and polished.

$27 - 30 minutes


You will get your nails professionally filed, your cuticles trimmed and a hand massage. Then this luxurious hand treatment will be followed by flawless nail polish.

$27 - 45 minutes

Traditional Gel Balance

Traditional gel will be balanced in the most natural looking way possible. Hand filed and reapplied to your liking. If you are looking for a stronger solution to keeping your nails from breaking and looking good throughout your week, this is the appointment for you. (Length will not be added with this service)

$46 - 1 hour 15 minutes

Nail Repair

Any repair of a finger or toenail.

Starting at $5 - 15 minutes

Toe Cure

This service will give you a quick and finished look. You will get to soak in a spa chair, your toe nails will be trimmed and your cuticles groomed professionally. You will then get your toe nails painted beautifully.

$37 - 45 minutes

Gel Regular Pedicure

$64 - 1 hour 15 minutes

Trim Toe Nails

This is a simple service. You will soak in the pedicure chair and then get your toe nails professionally trimmed and filed. This service is for people who can't seem to get their toe nails trimmed correctly or just would love for someone else to take care of it.

$11 - 15 minutes

Men's Manicure

Your nails will be professionally filed, your cuticles groomed, and buffed to a shine.

$21 - 30 minutes

Men's Regular Pedicure

$46 - 45 minutes